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The sense of smell is something that holds so much power in our lives: it tells us what we can and can't eat, it tells us when to feel at ease or when we need to can literally tell you when you're in a dangerous situation. So whether it's Thanksgiving or Football Sunday, make sure your guests feel all the warm & fuzzies at your house this Fall by making sure you follow these simple steps! Scroll all the way down to see what my favorite Fall stink-busting secret is ❤

Start Here - Obliterate the Bad

Dry That Place Out

I live in Florida people. It's a beautiful place full of beaches, lakes, rivers...and humidity levels so high that you're usually drenched before you get to your car. All that humidity outside will inevitable find its way into your if there are rooms where you suspect higher moisture levels, invest in a dehumidifier. It is important to keep an eye on things like wet towels, shower mats, etc.

Start with the Obvious

Make sure to check any traditional sources for bad odors: the trash can, food in the garbage disposal, kitty litter, stinky pets (we love our furry friends, but sometimes, they smell❤🐶), laundry rooms, shoes in the entryway, and the refrigerator. Make sure to not just take out the trash, but wipe down the interior of the can and lid at least monthly. Try using a smaller can so you take the trash out more often, which means less stink. Throw out old items in the fridge. Give Fido a bath...and when all this is done, then we can usher in the good smells.

Now That You've Busted the Bad - Open Your Home Up to All the Good Smells

Air It Out

Pull back the curtains, Open up the windows, and let the fresh air flow in. Fall is an amazing time to fill your home with cool crisp air, giving your home a smell reset of sorts.


If you don't want any overpowering scents in your home, try an odor neutralizer. Moso Natural Air Purifying bags can be tucked away in stink-prone places like garbage cans, near shoes in entryways, near litterboxes, etc. CLICK HERE for more info on these amazing air purifiers.

Be Scent Savvy

So here's the fun part! What's the secret to making your home smell amazing? Well in short, it depends on your goal: do you want something subtle or do you want your home to smell like grandma has been baking cookies all day?

Try these more subdued solutions:

  1. Refresh fabrics with a fabric spray

  2. Add indoor plants to help clean the air

  3. Plug in an essential Oil diffuser

  4. Light a candle

If you are looking for a strong scent that lasts all day, Try these options:

  1. Stovetop potpourri simmer (My Favorite for Fall - Directions Below ❤🍂)

  2. Light Incense

  3. Bake a sweet treat



Whether You're Listing Your home, it's Thanksgiving, or Football Sunday...Make Your Home Smell Like a Fresh Apple Pie This Fall With This Stovetop Simmer


5 cups of water

Half an orange cut into thin slices

Half an apple cut into thin slices

2 sticks of cinnamon

1 teaspoon of whole cloves

1 teaspoon of vanilla (optional)

To Make:

Add all ingredients to a pot. Bring Ingredients to a boil, then reduce heat to a low simmer. Leave uncovered. Refill water to reuse until tasty smells start to fade.

Happy Fall! Enjoy!

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